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Kelly Rieland shares his testimony of how Jesus miraculously saves him
2 months into his 10 year prison sentence.

Kelly Rieland discusses the process of moving out of the “flesh” and operating out of the Spirit of God, recognizing that even things that are considered good need to be placed at the cross and resurrected with the Spirit. It is then that the true fruit of God comes through.

Kelly Rieland discusses the process of moving out of the “flesh” and instead operating out of the Spirit of God. It is not a process of building up or healing the “old man”, but rather of putting the old man to death to be replaced with the life of God.

Discussing the components of faith building in our Christian walk.

Discussing what makes our spiritual weaponry really work.

Discussing the importance of viewing our relationship with the Lord as one of Sonship rather than servanthood.

Message: Intimacy & Why Personal is Powerful (Part 5)
Discussing the difference between simply knowing ABOUT God versus knowing HIM personally and operating out of that relationship.

Message: Intimacy & Spiritual Gifting (Part 4)
1 Corinthians 14:1 “Follow the way of love and eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit…” This video discusses whether God gives specific spiritual gifts to some and not to others, or whether the spiritual gifts are available to all who have a relationship with the Lord.

Message: Intimacy & Authority (Part 3)
Discussing the importance of operating from a position of relational intimacy rather than simply delegated authority.