WHY “Greater Than These”?
* In John 14:12 we hear Jesus’ words: “Truly, truly, I say to you, he that believes on Me, the works that I do he shall do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go to My Father.”

* Zechariah 4:6 states that it is “not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit.” In other words, we can’t fulfill this. Instead, our goal is to surrender ourselves to true intimacy with Him who is the author and perfecter of our faith and He will do it through us. As we learn to abide in His presence and walk in His Spirit, our faith continues to reach closer and closer toward the fullness of His ministry. We hope you’ll join us in this expectation!

It’s a running banter between us that Kelly’s testimony is tough to beat. So here’s just a taste of it …
Having been a drug dealer with short-term stints in several county jails already under his belt, Kelly found himself facing a federal case that may have cost him 20-30 years. He took the plea bargain for 12 years and began what would end up being 10 years in prison and 2 and a half years on probation.
Even in this, he had not turned to God for help. In his mind, he would never be able to live up to God’s expectations, so why bother? His wrong view of God’s heart had led him into the darkness he lived through, and it kept him from crying out when facing significant time. It was only when a friends incessant hounding to go to a prison ministry service that he finally agreed. “I’ll go this once and then you never bother me about this again,” he’d demanded. (Cussing interspersed.)
It was really a Saul to Paul experience; he was heading into a divine intervention. His friend arranged for the minister to pray for Kelly – under the false impression it was to pray for his court case. Instead, the minister proceeded to lead Kelly through a salvation prayer which Kelly figured he’d entertain. And that’s when everything changed. The Holy Spirit didn’t even wait for what our theologies expect. Though his words were hollow, God decided to fill them anyway. Kelly suddenly felt a sensation running down from his head toward his feet. It felt as though oil was being poured on the inside of him. Not believing what was happening, he had to wonder if he was simply having an acid flashback, but immediately recognized something incredibly different: everything he had done up to this point had chained him down, but this was setting him free. The weight was lifted from his shoulders and he felt such a lightness that he thought he was floating. So light, in fact, that he began checking under his feet to see if he was still on the ground.
“Whoa did you feel that?” the minister interrupted.
“I feel something.” Kelly answered.
“I felt the Holy Spirit go into you!”
“The what?” Kelly asked.
He hadn’t known much before that point, yet at that moment there were five things Kelly suddenly knew:
1. God was real
2. Jesus Christ died on the cross for his sins
3. The Bible was true
4. He knew he was going to Heaven; and
5. He knew that if he had died 2 seconds before that he would have went to hell.
He walked out of that meeting’s “high” and soon met face to face with conviction over his sin. The Lord opened his eyes to all the hurt he had caused and damage done to individuals, families, and society. It was through this time of repentance that he set his heart to serve the Lord with even greater determination than he had served the devil. The only advice given to him in doing this: read your Bible and pray, And he had LOTS of time to do just that! Ten years of reading and praying for the majority of his time – eight to ten hours per day at times – God led Kelly through many revelations and breakthroughs. He’s on a mission to introduce others into God’s presence where they can then have their own personal revelations and breakthroughs in their walk with Christ. Kelly has many testimonies of God’s work and intervention while in prison and it has only increased in the years since he has been released.
Kelly and Lesley married in 2018 and are dedicated to seeing God’s will fulfilled. They formed Greater Than These International to aid in spreading the gospel through teaching, prophetic encouragement, healing, and deliverance, as well as helping to fund others who are of the same heart.