Can We Be Emotionally Led in Our Christian Faith? (Video: Lesley Rieland)

Emotions can get a really bad rap, especially in Christian circles. Emotionally led Christians are often viewed as shallow believers. So what’s the deal with emotions? Is there a place for them in our faith? Do we become less emotionally driven as we spiritually mature? Lesley explains how we’ve incorrectly framed up “emotions” into one lump sum that can give us a wrong view of maturity in the faith when in actuality, emotions are necessary to our decision-making and can help with the re-wiring of our brain. Those who lack emotions are actually extremely destructive and dangerous individuals. We can’t escape emotions regardless of how analytical or rational one believes they are. Also, reason is no more spiritual than emotion … both need to be given over to the influence of the Holy Spirit and the renewing of our mind. Thus that lump sum we call emotion must be rightly divided into two classes of emotions: carnal vs spiritual. This video describes some of the pitfalls resulting from being led by carnal emotions. However, Lesley explains why receiving godly emotions from the Holy Spirit is not only beneficial but essential to growing in our relationship with God. In the end, the Lord is after our heart. Our decisions in how we live ultimately follow what we love the most.


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